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How does the Online Swift Pace Program work? The Online Swift Pace Program is an Online Remedial course that allows you to graduate from High School at an accelerated pace very effectively. It is comprised of remedial modules and timed assessments. And great news because North American Academy is a private school, you are conferred a High School Diploma rather than a GED! This a great program for high school drop-outs, at-risk youth, and for adults who never graduated from high school and now need a diploma. This program offers you a second chance to rebuild your educational gap.

As a private institution, North American Academy does not confer GED's. A high school diploma is superior to a GED. So, you will earn a  high school diploma at the completion of all the required coursework and assessments.  Upon enrollment, you will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to access your student dashboard, where you can access your work and begin immediately.  

Student Dashboard and Program

On your student dashboard, you will find booklets, pdf's, videos, quizzes, assignments, and 5 study books.  This is a fun and dynamic program.  You will be excited and motivated to finish the program and earn your diploma in 60-days or less.

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