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How does the Online Swift Pace Program work?  The Online Swift Pace Program is an Online Remedial course that allows you to graduate from High School at an accelerated pace very effectively.  It is comprised of remedial modules and timed assessments. And great news because North American Academy is a private school, you are conferred a High School Diploma rather than a GED!  Initially, you will be pre-tested with an assessment tool to determine your academic level. Once the remedial course is satisfactorily completed, final assessments are then administered. This a great program for high school drop-outs, at-risk youth and for adults who never graduated from high school and now need a diploma.  This program offers you a second chance to rebuild your educational gap.

You must earn a 2.0 GPA (C) or higher in order to graduate from this program.  As a private institution, North American Academy does not confer GED's. The student will earn a proficiency high school diploma at the completion of all the required coursework and assessments.  Upon enrollment, you will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to access your student dashboard, where you can access your work and begin immediately.  

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Important Things to Know

A common misconception is that a person can forgo 4 years of high school, and just take a test and graduate in 24 hours.  The Online Swift Pace Program does not replace 4 years of high school. The reality is that you're here today, on our website, because you need a high school diploma.  Yet, more than likely, you went to elementary and middle school for many years, and probably to one, two, three or even four years of high school and acquired "knowledge" throughout those years.  But, for whatever the reason, you didn't finish to earn your diploma.  You may even be homeschooled and now need to graduate from high school. Our Online Swift Pace Program isn't "replacing" 4 years of high school, it is simply "enhancing" and "re-mediating" your acquired knowledge and adding to that knowledge.  Although the program is accelerated in scope, the student must complete the remedial course and online academic work content in order to earn a high school diploma.  Please keep in mind, that it is imperative that you learn the material and gain knowledge through the program.  

Most Colleges and universities will require you to take an entrance exam such as the SAT or ACT.

Our Online Swift Pace Program is dynamic, informative and enjoyable.

Because you can and because we care...

At North American Academy we care about your future.  Our school is comprised of seasoned educators with over 100 years of combined experience in the field of education.  We're here to provide quality programs to earnest individuals who need a second chance at attaining their diploma.  Our main goal is to offer high-quality educational alternatives to individuals who lack a high school diploma, and who would otherwise never attain one. We provide our student's real opportunity. In America, people are generally given a second chance to prove their mettle and become useful members of society and this is what our students can achieve. We give you a second chance to finally seal the gap and earn your diploma. You have the power to make the North American Academy program a part of your future success. Don't let your lack of a high school diploma hinder your upward mobility.  You're only a CLICK away from your Diploma.  Sign up Today

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